mTrac Scales to All Districts after Mbale Training


On Friday, February 8, 2013, the Ministry of Health completed the fourth and final regional mTrac Training of Trainers exercise, completing national scale-up of mTrac at District level in record time.

During a three day workshop held in Mbale, District Health Team members (including Bio-statisticians and HMIS Officers) from Karamoja and Eastern Uganda were trained on the MoH's weekly disease surveillance form (HMIS 033B), how to submit this data via SMS, and how to review, analyze and use this data from their dashboards. The training session was concluded with information on the MoH's SMS Anonymous Hotline.

The SMS Anonymous Hotline generated a lot of discussion, as this tool provides Districts for the first time with the ability to directly receive and respond to health service delivery issues raised by citizens. Two Districts explained how they printed the Anonymous Messages every week, shared them with the District Health Management Team, and working with partners such as Stop Malaria Programme, investigated and resolved many issues such as rudeness of health workers, health worker absenteeism and stock-outs. These Districts further explained that the Hotline was helping improve their image, as they are now being seen as being very responsive to community concerns.

District led training's for the remaining Health Facilities are now being planned, with the hope that the entire national scale-up of mTrac across the entire country will be completed by May 2013.

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