mTrac Dashboard Overview


Through the mTrac dashboard website, District Health Teams are able to review, verify and approve the data submitted by their health workers every week. They can identify erroneous data, contact the reporting health worker, correct the data, view the facilities that are failing to report and follow-up. Communication is made simple by the use of a simple interface to send free SMS messages to their health workers. District biostatisticians and Health Management Information System (HMIS) officers are able to view trends in drug stock levels, disease incidence and health facility reporting performance. This data is also regularly submitted to the District Health Information System 2 (DHIS2) which is the Ministry of Health's tool for the analysis of all aggregate HMIS data collected nationally.

Valuable community reporting through the anonymous SMS hotline provides additional data to improve accountability. Each report is categorised by District and issue area (e.g. stock out, drug theft, fraud) and are available for viewing on the district dashboard website and follow-up actions are recorded and if necessary escalated on to national level action centres.